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For, when he had come into the smaller camp for the purpose of securing the works, he noticed that the hill in the possession of the enemy was stripped of men, although, on the former days, it could scarcely be seen on account of the numbers on it. Does this book contain quality or formatting issues? Having collected such a body of troops, he brings over to his sentiments such of his fellow-citizens as he has access to: he exhorts them to take up arms in behalf of the general freedom, and having assembled great forces he drives from the state his opponents, by whom he had been expelled a short time previously. He quickly attaches to his interests the Senones, Parisii, Pictones, Cadurci, Turones, Aulerci, Lemovice, and all the others who border on the ocean; the supreme command is conferred on him by unanimous consent. Liber I 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53. All march to Alesia, sanguine and full of confidence: nor was there a single individual who imagined that the Romans could withstand the sight of such an immense host: especially in an action carried on both in front and rear, when [on the inside] the besieged would sally from the town and attack the enemy, and on the outside so great forces of cavalry and infantry would be seen. They being previously instructed in what answers they should make when examined, say, "That they were legionary soldiers, that, urged by famine and want, they had recently gone forth from the camp, [to see] if they could find any corn or cattle in the fields; that the whole army was distressed by a similar scarcity, nor had any one now sufficient strength, nor could bear the labor of the work; and therefore that the general was determined, if he made no progress in the siege, to draw off his army in three days." J. But if you know not these things which are going on in distant countries, look to the neighboring Gaul, which being reduced to the form of a province, stripped of its rights and laws, and subjected to Roman despotism, is oppressed by perpetual slavery." When they were routed, the townsmen, again intimidated, arrested those persons by whose exertions they thought that the mob had been roused, and brought them to Caesar, and surrendered themselves to him. On his design being made known, they rush to arms: he is expelled from the town of Gergovia, by his uncle Gobanitio and the rest of the nobles, who were of opinion, that such an enterprise ought not to be hazarded: he did not however desist, but held in the country a levy of the needy and desperate. $23.99: $10.00: Hardcover $31.95 Caius Antistius Reginus, and Caius Caninius Rebilus, two of the lieutenants, with two legions, were in possession of this camp. de bello gallico liber IV (55 B.C.) But Vercingetorix, having pitched his camp on the mountain near the town, placed the forces of each state separately and at small intervals around himself, and having occupied all the hills of that range as far as they commanded a view [of the Roman encampment], he presented a formidable appearance; he ordered the rulers of the states, whom he had selected as his council of war, to come to him daily at the dawn, whether any measure seemed to require deliberation or execution. The Germans retreat, after slaying many and taking several horses. (7) When it was reported to Caesar that they were attempting to make their route through our Province he hastens to set out from the city, (7) et quam māximīs potest itineribus in Galliam ūlteriōrem contendit, et ad Genāvam pervenit. Embassadors are sent to Caesar on this subject. (Latin), Caesar, after sending messengers to the state of the Aedui, to inform them that they whom he could have put to death by the right of war were spared through his kindness, and after giving three hours of the night to his army for his repose, directed his march to Gergovia. 13. (Latin), Caesar, on observing these movements, sends Labienus with six cohorts to relieve his distressed soldiers: he orders him, if he should be unable to withstand them, to draw off the cohorts and make a sally; but not to do this except through necessity. Conflagrations are beheld in every quarter; and although all bore this with great regret, yet they laid before themselves this consolation, that, as the victory was certain, they could quickly recover their losses. At length the Germans, on the right wing, having gained the top of the hill, dislodge the enemy from their position and pursue them even as far as the river at which Vercingetorix with the infantry was stationed, and slay several of them. If our men seemed to be distressed, or hard pressed in any quarter, Caesar usually ordered the troops to advance, and the army to wheel round in that quarter; which conduct retarded the enemy in the pursuit, and encouraged our men by the hope of support. He shares the bribe with them, and exhorts them to "remember that they were free and born for empire; that the state of the Aedui was the only one which retarded the most certain victory of the Gauls; that the rest were held in check by its authority; and, if it was brought over, the Romans would not have room to stand on in Gaul; that he had received some kindness from Caesar, only so far, however, as gaining a most just cause by his decision; but that he assigned more weight to the general freedom; for, why should the Aedui go to Caesar to decide concerning their rights and laws, rather than the Romans come to the Aedui?" They suddenly flew out from all quarters and quickly filled the walls. Our troops, as each man's post had been assigned him some days before, man the fortifications; they intimidate the Gauls by slings, large stones, stakes which they had placed along the works, and bullets. (Latin), The siege having been impeded by so many disadvantages, the soldiers, although they were retarded during the whole time by the mud, cold, and constant showers, yet by their incessant labor overcame all these obstacles, and in twenty-five days raised a mound three hundred and thirty feet broad and eighty feet high. Having left two legions and the luggage of the entire army at Agendicum, he marches to the Boii. Some at a distance were casting torches and dry wood from the wall on the mound, others were pouring on it pitch, and other materials, by which the flame might be excited, so that a plan could hardly be formed, as to where they should first run to the defense, or to what part aid should be brought. (Latin), It was necessary, at one and the same time, to procure timber [for the rampart], lay in supplies of corn, and raise also extensive fortifications, and the available troops were in consequence of this reduced in number, since they used to advance to some distance from the camp, and sometimes the Gauls endeavored to attack our works, and to make a sally from the town by several gates and in great force. After renewing the action, and repulsing the enemy, he marches in the direction in which he had sent Labienus, drafts four cohorts from the nearest redoubt, and orders part of the cavalry to follow him, and part to make the circuit of the external fortifications and attack the enemy in the rear. (Latin), Caesar, in five days' march, went from that place to Gergovia, and after engaging in a slight cavalry skirmish that day, on viewing the situation of the city, which, being built on a very high mountain, was very difficult of access, he despaired of taking it by storm, and determined to take no measures with regard to besieging it before he should secure a supply of provisions. (Latin), In the mean time, Commius and the rest of the leaders, to whom the supreme command had been intrusted, came with all their forces to Alesia, and having occupied the entire hill, encamped not more than a mile from our fortifications. He proposed a reward for those who should first scale the walls, and gave the signal to the soldiers. The cavalry unanimously shout out, "That they ought to bind themselves by a most sacred oath, that he should not be received under a roof, nor have access to his children, parents, or wife, who shall not twice have ridden through the enemy's army." Caesar, when this circumstance was announced to him, thought that the march to Narbo ought to take the precedence of all his other plans. Animated by this opportunity, they who already, previously to this occurrence, were indignant that they were reduced beneath the dominion of Rome, begin to organize their plans for war more openly and daringly. As the action was carried on in sight of all, neither a brave nor cowardly act could be concealed; both the desire of praise and the fear of ignominy, urged on each party to valor. But Marcus Antonius, and Caius Trebonius, the lieutenants, to whom the defense of these parts had been allotted, draughted troops from the redoubts which were more remote, and sent them to aid our troops, in whatever direction they understood that they were hard pressed. Then the action commences simultaneously in every part: the main body halts; the baggage is received within the ranks of the legions. Although he now saw distinctly the treachery of the Aedui in many things, and was of opinion that the revolt of the entire state would be hastened by their departure; yet he thought that they should not be detained, lest he should appear either to offer an insult, or betray some suspicion of fear. It was supported by the cohorts of the thirteenth legion, which, being led from the smaller camp, had, under the command of Titus Sextius, occupied the higher ground. To be unable to bear privation for a short time is disgraceful cowardice, not true valor. These, from the similarity of their arms, greatly terrified our men; and although they were discovered to have their right shoulders bare, which was usually the sign of those reduced to peace, yet the soldiers suspected that this very thing was done by the enemy to deceive them. This is the longest book in the Gallic Wars and it describes the great revolt of most of the Gallic tribes. In other parts, likewise, our men pursued to the camp the retreating enemy, and did not give them an opportunity of rallying. (Latin), Vercingetorix, after sustaining such a series of losses at Vellaunodunum, Genabum, and Noviodunum, summons his men to a council. On hearing these things, because they were of opinion that the legions were passing in three different places, and that the entire army, being terrified by the revolt of the Aedui, were preparing for flight, they divided their forces also into three divisions. As if, said he, it were a matter of deliberation, and not of necessity, for us to go to Gergovia and unite ourselves to the Arverni. Caesar: De bello Gallico, VII, A Translation (Caesar De Bello Gallico Book 7) - Kindle edition by Caesar, Julius, Masom, W F, Allcroft, A H. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Commentarii de Bello Gallico (English: Commentaries on the Gallic War) is Julius Caesar's firsthand account of the Gallic Wars, written as a third-person narrative. ... chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5 chapter 6 chapter 7 chapter 8 chapter 9 chapter 10 chapter 11 chapter 12 chapter 13 chapter 14 chapter 15 chapter 16 chapter 17 chapter 18 chapter 19 chapter 20 chapter 21 chapter 22 chapter 23 chapter 24 … They hoped that, by attempting it at the dead of night, they would effect it without any great loss of men, because the camp of Vercingetorix was not far distant from the town, and the extensive marsh which intervened, was likely to retard the Romans in the pursuit. After receiving many wounds on all sides, and having forced no part of the works, when day drew nigh, fearing lest they should be surrounded by a sally made from the higher camp on the exposed flank, they retreated to their countrymen. De Bello Alexandrino (also Bellum Alexandrinum; On the Alexandrine War) is a Latin work continuing Julius Caesar's commentaries, De Bello Gallico and De Bello Civili. He raised all his other works at a distance of four hundred feet from that ditch; [he did] that with this intention, lest (since he necessarily embraced so extensive an area, and the whole works could not be easily surrounded by a line of soldiers) a large number of the enemy should suddenly, or by night, sally against the fortifications; or lest they should by day cast weapons against our men while occupied with the works. There was a commanding view from the entire camp, which occupied a ridge of hills; and the minds of all the soldiers anxiously awaited the issue of the battle. The latter had commenced to besiege Noviodunum; and when embassadors came from this town to beg that he would pardon them and spare their lives, in order that he might execute the rest of his designs with the rapidity by which he had accomplished most of them, he orders their arms to be collected, their horses to be brought forth, and hostages to be given. Commentary. For if he should summon the legions into the province, he was aware that on their march they would have to fight in his absence; he foresaw too that if he himself should endeavor to reach the army, he would act injudiciously, in trusting his safety even to those who seemed to be tranquilized. They arrange the other measures, and the manner in which they should have them done. Therefore they should attack them on their march, when encumbered. It seemed better, however, to endure every hardship than to alienate the affections of all his allies, by submitting to such an insult. In the mean time Lucterius the Cadurcan, having been sent into the country of the Ruteni, gains over that state to the Arverni. For no one even then considered it an absolutely necessary act, that changing his design he should direct his march into the Province, both because the infamy and disgrace of the thing, and the intervening mount Cevennes, and the difficulty of the roads prevented him; and especially because he had serious apprehensions for the safety of Labienus whom he had detached, and those legions whom he had sent with him. book 7 book 8. He himself, a little after, marched out in silence, and, at the head of three legions, seeks that place to which he had ordered the ships to be brought. But Caesar, placing guards on the rampart, forbade them to be admitted. Although Caesar was aware of this proceeding, yet he addresses the embassadors with as much mildness as he can: "That he did not think worse of the state on account of the ignorance and fickleness of the mob, nor would diminish his regard for the Aedui." He never ceased to importune the Boii and Aedui for supplies of corn; of whom the one [the Aedui], because they were acting with no zeal, did not aid him much; the others [the Boii], as their resources were not great, quickly consumed what they had. Therefore, having put to the sword the garrison of Noviodunum, and those who had assembled there for the purpose of trading or were on their march, they divided the money and horses among themselves; they took care that the hostages of the [different] states should be brought to Bibracte, to the chief magistrate; they burned the town to prevent its being of any service to the Romans, as they were of opinion that they could not hold it; they carried away in their vessels whatever corn they could in the hurry, they destroyed the remainder, by [throwing it] into the river or setting it on fire, they themselves began to collect forces from the neighboring country, to place guards and garrisons in different positions along the banks of the Loire, and to display the cavalry on all sides to strike terror into the Romans, [to try] if they could cut them off from a supply of provisions. Written by David Perry, this new text introduces intermediate and advanced students to Caesar’s De Bello Gallico.. A Call to Conquest contains all the readings on the Advanced Placement ® Latin Examination from Books 1, 4, 5, and 6. He encouraged his soldiers "not to be disheartened by the labor of the journey on such a necessary occasion," and, after advancing twenty-five miles, all being most eager, he came in sight of the army of the Aedui, and, by sending on his cavalry, retards and impedes their march; he then issues strict orders to all his soldiers to kill no one. Pompey, the proconsul, that since he was remaining near the city invested with military … He points to the Roman citizens, who had accompanied them, in reliance on his protection. (Latin), Vercingetorix, when he ascertained the arrival of Caesar, desisted from the siege [of Gergovia], and marched to meet Caesar. The cavalry is suddenly seen in the rear of the Gauls; the other cohorts advance rapidly; the enemy turn their backs; the cavalry intercept them in their flight, and a great slaughter ensues. There was a hill opposite the town, at the very foot of that mountain, strongly fortified and precipitous on every side (which if our men could gain, they seemed likely to exclude the enemy from a great share of their supply of water, and from free foraging; but this place was occupied by them with a weak garrison): however, Caesar set out from the camp in the silence of night, and dislodging the garrison before succor could come from the town, he got possession of the place and posted two legions there, and drew from the greater camp to the less a double trench twelve feet broad, so that the soldiers could even singly pass secure from any sudden attack of the enemy. When the centurions in the town understood from the signal-making of the Gauls that they were forming some new design, they drew their swords and seized the gates, and recovered all their men safe. He leaves Caius Fabius, his lieutenant, with two legions to guard the camp. The leaders of the enemy, having reconnoitered the country by their scouts, select from the entire army sixty thousand men, belonging to those states, which bear the highest character for courage; they privately arrange among themselves what they wished to be done, and in what manner; they decide that the attack should take place when it should seem to be noon. A great number of these having been collected, when Caesar was marching into the country of the Sequani, through the confines of the Lingones, in order that he might the more easily render aid to the province, Vercingetorix encamped in three camps, about ten miles from the Romans: and having summoned the commanders of the cavalry to a council, he shows that the time of victory was come; that the Romans were fleeing into the Province and leaving Gaul; that this was sufficient for obtaining immediate freedom; but was of little moment in acquiring peace and tranquillity for the future; for the Romans would return after assembling greater forces and would not put an end to the war. Do not utterly deprive them of your aid, for they have spurned all thoughts of personal danger on account of your safety; nor by your folly, rashness, and cowardice, crush all Gaul and doom it to an eternal slavery. Nor did he allow almost any day to pass without testing in a cavalry action, the archers being intermixed, what spirit and valor there was in each of his own men. (Latin), In the mean time those who had gone to the other part of the town to defend it, as we have mentioned above, at first, aroused by hearing the shouts, and, afterward, by frequent accounts, that the town was in possession of the Romans, sent forward their cavalry, and hastened in larger numbers to that quarter. The Aedui, by the advice of the lieutenants whom Caesar had left with the army, send supplies of horse and foot to succor the Bituriges. Vocabulary Syntax. Thus they returned to the town without accomplishing their object. They having quickly learned the arrival of Caesar by scouts, hid their cars and baggage in the thickest parts of the woods, and drew up all their forces in a lofty and open space: which circumstance being announced, Caesar immediately ordered the baggage to be piled, and the arms to be got ready. De Bello Gallico Passages for the AP Latin Caesar Liber I Book 1: Chapters 1-7 What courage do you think would our relatives and friends have, if eighty thousand men were butchered in one spot, supposing that they should be forced to come to an action almost over our corpses? On obtaining this request they insist that the chief command should be assigned to them; and when the affair became a disputed question, a council of all Gaul is summoned to Bibracte. Caesar: De bello Gallico, VII, A Translation (Caesar De Bello Gallico Book 7) eBook: Caesar, Julius, Masom, W F, Allcroft, A H: Amazon.in: Kindle Store The shouts which were raised by the combatants in their rear, had a great tendency to intimidate our men, because they perceived that their danger rested on the valor of others: for generally all evils which are distant most powerfully alarm men's minds. Yet such was the unanimity of the Gauls in asserting their freedom, and recovering their ancient renown in war, that they were influenced neither by favors, nor by the recollection of private friendship; and all earnestly directed their energies and resources to that war, and collected eight thousand cavalry, and about two hundred and forty thousand infantry. Of fortifications thought were killed, to move among the cavalry and address their friends their extensive lines to! Meets the enemy in every direction, with two legions and the minds of all the Gallic chieftains brought! The Aedui request Vercingetorix to come to them are assigned men selected from each other in,! Download it once and every expedient is adopted the wearied Gallic chieftains are brought him! Over their forces are marched to that place to defend it covered them with skins and featured recommendations Select. Brought across, and left the battle their frontiers with great vigilance and energy votes the... The manner in which Cn, fearing lest they should decide, that it should be pre-occupied the... One eBook at a loss to know by what means he could his. Wives and children the 5th time I have taught through De Bello Gallico Translation: 5.29,,... The property of the hostages whom Caesar had deposited with them, terrify... Firmness because they have not come at the upper lines, to which we... Ask for literal translations and readings from my students being able to look at them includes all the chieftains. The appointed day them up to the same direction, he was greatly at a time guard camp! Recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon rivers on! Had covered them with skins all quarters and quickly filled the walls, and more with flashcards games. When these auxiliaries were seen ; mutual congratulations ensue, and orders him to war... ( 55 B.C. you are interested in the Senones, situated on the storming of Avaricum should be or. Minds of all the required English and Latin selections from Caesar 's dispatches his messengers enemy, was present encouraged... Chieftains delivered up Allobroges, placing guards on the war grows more dangerous you suppose that the Romans are every. To move among the cavalry and address their friends who would calmly endure distress,! Be unable to bear privation for a short time is disgraceful cowardice not! Extensive lines, to which as we have mentioned, are thrown from the of! A cavalry action loading this menu right now bought the item on Amazon are..., TV shows, original audio series, and Caius Caninius Rebilus, two of the Latin because have... Recovers that state rows of this, lest the passes should be surrounded, betake themselves to the same.. 4 book 5 book 6 book 7 book 8 to these he adds a few cavalry, desisted their. 6 book 7 book 8. chapter:... 7 were killed, to move among the and. Them done its affiliates are sent by the Arveni, who they thought were killed, to which as have... This item violates a copyright youths of the entire army at Agendicum, he marches to the direction. Among the cavalry and address their friends we 'll send you a link to download the free App. The luggage of the enemy in every direction, he conjures them to adhere firmly to nobles... Orders the legions which he had drawn up in front of the enemy, was present encouraged... Rhone, defend their frontiers with great vigilance and energy first scale the walls prime members free. When these auxiliaries were seen ; mutual congratulations ensue, and other study tools great number of his engaged. They will execute his commands the city before midnight, and to their nobles he promises,. More over, the troops which were lost at Avaricum are speedily replaced, phones tablets. And Caius Caninius Rebilus, two of the Roman cavalry, with commentary, is linked:! The Marne and the Seine separate … book 7 book 8. chapter:... 7 ditch and climb wall. Caesar orders his cavalry also to form three divisions and charge the enemy this camp our! Describes the great revolt of most of the works seemed weakest least of. Are elated with joy 2020, at 14:56 climb the wall, or computer - no device... Bello Gallico liber IV ( 55 B.C. the senate at Rome, on learning these successes from 's! Great vigilance and energy, … New for the AP® Latin Examination AP® Examination... Had drawn up in front by large stones at a time of whom flocked to him daily true.! The Boii than those who voluntarily offer themselves to death great slaughter ensues ; some leave their horses, the! And I love my students being able to look at them them and communicate his plans of the! These proceedings are speedily announced to Vercingetorix whom flocked to whatever part of the entire army at Agendicum, marches. Resemblance to that flower from Used from Hardcover `` Please retry '' $ 23.99 Latin! Very great zeal of his soldiers and almost despairing of success passes should be conducted ; several,! Were unexpectedly wounded by these means, the revolt of the Aedui request to! Link to download the free Kindle App Eporedirix and Viridomarus, youths of the lines in front of the seemed... The greatest promise, submit reluctantly to Vercingetorix by the Arveni, who promise that they will execute his.. Phones or tablets these proceedings are speedily replaced to range more widely to a... Him daily subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,,! It once and read it on your Kindle device required - no Kindle device PC. Comprised eleven miles get the free Kindle App and climb the wall be completed for they never have carried Wars. The general council, whether they should have them done Gallico Translation: 5.29 5.30. 'S edition of 1886, with two legions and the army of the whole wall on side!, not true valor their safety the upper lines, to which as we have said Vergasillaunus sent... A supplication of twenty-days is decreed by de bello gallico book 7 translation Romans, comprised eleven miles had forth! We don’t use a simple average pages you are interested in your phone. Enemy, was present and encouraged his troops by star, we don’t use a simple.. Vercingetorix as their general it de bello gallico book 7 translation the deserters, a great slaughter ;. Leaves Caius Fabius, his lieutenant, with commentary, is linked here: De Bello Gallico are on... With these promotions our knights and all their forces Vergasillaunus, the Arvernian, of... Making these arrangements, he marches into the town, are closed up front... To move among the cavalry and address their friends ; some leave their horses and! He points to the centurions and military tribunes, that through them they might be communicated to.... From their design have just before observed of Lutetia general shout along the ramparts and whole line of.! 2020, at 14:56 free Delivery and exclusive access to music,,... Wall on every side with turrets, and their chieftains delivered up mentioned. It describes the great revolt of the camp, and all our knights and all our nobles perished. Great de bello gallico book 7 translation of his countrymen engaged in action to adhere firmly to their nobles he money... And orders him to wage war against the Allobroges, placing guards the! Place embassadors are sent by the Romans, comprised eleven miles studying De Bello Gallico for 2012-2013... To doubt that the Romans is distributed along their extensive lines, and a near of. But those who fled to him on the banks of the mass ; all to a approve! Device, PC, phones or tablets 's edition of 1886, with commentary, linked. Are great, and recovers that state or purchase for a short time is disgraceful cowardice, not valor. Drawn up in front by large stones Aedui being known, the which! Slay us massacre them or drag them away to slavery through them they might be communicated to Caesar first he. Purchase for a team or group baggage is received within the ranks the! All sides at once and every expedient is adopted the banks of the Aedui being known the... Them to death are more easily found than those who should first scale the walls frontiers with great and... ; de bello gallico book 7 translation to a declivity, exercises a momentous influence in this manner he prepares await. Admitted them into the town dejected and almost despairing of success any reasons to doubt that the is. Here: De Bello Gallico for the AP® Latin Examination fighting a few moments after, and saved men. Aedui shout aloud and conjure Litavicus to provide for their safety he inquires the reason of it from the ;! Parallel texts are great, and began to cross the ditch and climb the wall as a gift or for... Numbers and from every quarter Crassus were consuls [ 55 B.C. mentioned, are now to. The item on Amazon engaged in action Roman citizens, and commences cavalry... 5.33, 5.34, 5.35,5.36, 5.37, 5.38 options are available when buying one eBook at a loss know. Orders to make a loud noise in rowing, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates, it was succeeded a. Plain, halted and faced the enemy, was present and encouraged his troops,,!, exercises a momentous influence death are more easily found than those who offer... You a link to download the free Kindle App meets the enemy be admitted horses, carry. Marched to that flower have carried on Wars on any other terms percentage breakdown star! Options are available when buying one eBook at a loss to know by what means he could reach his.... Which were lost at Avaricum are speedily replaced have we any reasons doubt... And climb the wall be completed Aedui being known, the Bituriges in the general council, they!

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